Regular Snacking with California Prunes

PrunesI don’t know if any of you have the same problem as me – but with a fairly small and humid flat and only a small family fruit goes off really really quickly.

Literally just a few days and i’m having to throw things out.

Which is a real shame as it’s quite expensive just to buy loose weight fruit and much cheaper to buy in larger packs.

Thats one of the main reasons why I love longer life and dried fruits.

I am especially fond of dried figs and prunes as they are lovely and sweet and great chopped up in with cereal or yogurt as well as snacked on.

Recently I was offered California Prunes to sample and have merrily been munching my way through a nice big pile of Prunes they sent me.


Prunes are plums that have been dried to remove some of the water.

They are perfect for weight-loss as they have a low GI so release energy slowly and help keep hunger at bay they are also fat free 

California Prunes are packed with essential nutrients, are high in fibre as well as beneficial for the digestive system. Plus three prunes is one of your five-a-day
I have been eating 6 prunes a day for the last 2 weeks. Three in the morning chopped up in with my cereal or in a yogurt and three by themselves throughout the day as a snack.
They have not become tiresome and i’d quite happily carry on eating these on a regular basis.
The prunes I was sent were individually packaged in little plastic easy to tear open wrappers. This meant no sticky fingers when eating them and kept them lovely and moist.
These California Prunes are by far the nicest I’ve ever eaten – really soft and chewy and lovely and sweet.
I’ve found the little individual packets have worked well – as i’ve been keeping the three I eat during the day next to my workstation to eat them whilst working. No sticky fingers has been great and i’ve not had to worry about keeping them covered – I’ve just had them loose next to me on the desk.
I think eating the prunes had helped to keep me regular if you know what I mean – so I wouldn’t suggest eating more than 6 or so a day. They’ve also kept me felling full for quite a long time – no tummy rumblings an hour or 2 befre meal times.
I’d give these California Prunes a full marks 10 out of 10



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