Having a Hemptastic Time – weigh in and update

I’m having a pretty awesome time of things on this diet.

Eating smaller meals at regular intervals means no hunger pangs and i’m not left feeling even slightly hungry.



It was my week 1 weigh in this morning and hubby weighed me and took my measurements.

I am now 20 stone 2lb’s – so thats a 5lb loss for first week – I know some of that will be from losing water retention – but i’m still very pleased with that.

I’ve also lost some inches – with half an inch each gone from my bust, waist and hips.



My Hemp Diet started mid morning today when my box of goodies arrived – hemp oil, shake powder and 4 different flavoured tubs of hemp seed mix.




I’ve had 3 shakes today – made up with 200ml of water and a 30g scoop of strawberry diet shake mixed up using the shaker provided.

The shakes don’t taste too bad – a bit artificial tasting like a lot of diet shakes i’ve tried – but as it’s mixed with only a little water it’s easy to drink and not thick and cloggy like some shakes are that need mixing with milk.

On the tub the instructions do say you can also mix things up a bit by adding the powder to smoothies, juices or shakes – so i’ll experiment over the next few days and see what it’s like in with other things.

As the shakes are instead of snacking – the idea behind them is that they help fill you u between meals – and they certainly live up to that promise without any bloating or noticeable side effects.

With 10g of protein and 110 cals per serving the shakes are high fibre – so putting in delicate terms they should help things move along a bit quicker :-)

The tub of shake mix costs £19.99 to buy individually or you can buy as part of a pack and a tub contains 16 servings.



I’ve had 2 main meals today using hemp products.

I am following the Carnivore Diet but couldn’t get hold of tuna steak and normally don’t have time to cook for long at lunchtimes – so I am not quite following the order of the meals as shown on the plan.

My lunch was a wholemeal wrap with some ready to eat skinless chicken pieces, tomato, cucumber, mixed salad leaves, a couple small cubes of feta cheese and a good sprinkle of the Italian Herbs Hemp Seed Mix.


The lunch came in at around 350 calories and was very filling. I do get very bored of bread so it makes a nice change to have a wrap and the hemp seeds livened it up with a nice bit of crunch and what i’d describe as a slightly nutty taste.

For my evening meal I got to try something for the first time – Salmon Fillet. I’ve never been much of a fan of fish – mainly because i’m not too sure how to prepare it and don’t like fish bones.

Luckily the salmon I got from sainsburys was already filleted and skinless.

I baked the fillet in the oven with a little drizzle of Hemp Oil over it and wrapped lightly in foil. To go with the fish I had cabbage, green beans and broccoli – which i’ve purchased as frozen veg as i’ll mainly only be cooking for one with these meals and a whole cabbage, whole broccoli would be a waste.

The result – which I was actually quite proud of:



As the meal was quite dry looking – i’ve always been a ‘must have sauce’ sort of person. I mixed up a few gravy granules, some plain hemp seeds and some boiling water into a gravy and had that just drizzled lightly over my veg.

It was actually a very filling and lovely meal and I didn’t notice the lack of carbs at all.  The salmon cooked really well in the oven with the hemp oil and was moist and flavoursome. I’m definitely a Fishy convert and will happily be giving other fish varieties a go.


As I type this i’ve just finished my last shake of the day and i’m just off to do 30 minutes on the exercise bike before bed.

I’m looking forward to another day of my Hemptastic Diet!










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