Egg Salad Wrap Recipe

On the diet I am following i’m sticking to a calorie count of 1250-1500 a day.

That means for lunch i’m looking for a quick and healthy 400 calorie meal thats going to see me easily through til my evening meal.

So here’s one of my favourite lunch ideas

It works out at 400 calories for the whole filled wrap – but is so filling you could eat half and for lunch and refrigerate the other half for the following day!


Egg Salad Wrap

400 calories per filled wrap


1 medium egg hardboiled and sliced

1 mission deli multigrain wrap or similar 202 calories per wrap

A handful of mixed lettuce

A few slices of cucumber

1 small tomato sliced

2-3 small cubes of feta cheese

A sprinkle of GOOD HEMP Seed – Italian Herbs

A small pinch of black pepper


Layer the ingredients in a nice straight line on the wrap, fold up and enjoy.



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