Toughest Challenge of my Life!

I’ve rather amazingly been offered a free place on a week long residential boot camp.



From the 25th March to the 1st of April I’ll be joining the New You Boot Camp in Somerset

Venue: Sparkford Hall is a beautiful Georgian country house, set in approx 23 acres of orchard & organic gardens.

About: This isĀ our Body & Soul Boot Camp Camp where clients experience the New You Boot Camp programme each day as well as having full access to optional holistic therapies including; yoga, meditation, Reiki, structural integration, along side a collection of nourishing & therapeutic massages helping our client balance body, mind and soul creating the perfect boot camp for our clients to recharge and rejuvenate and gain the energy back into their lives whilst losing weight.

Included: Cookery demonstrations, all food & drinks, all fitness activities on boot camp and at request our gardener will show you around and teach you how to grow your own vegetables. Nutritionist on site for workshops and advice.



Whilst on the boot camp I will be with around 24 other people of varying fitness levels.

We will all be expected to take part in 10-12 hours of exercise a day! Eeeek.

Activities will include things like: wake up PT, hiking, command tasks, parade, log runs, body pump, circuits, boxing, skipping, team games and more…

From speaking to the staff it sounds like the exercise sessions are split up into hourly chunks throughout the day.



I am preparing my ‘kit’ as per the long list I was given – as there are no washing facilities on site for clothes and we’ll be inside and outside – we have to be sure to take enough gym and exercise clothes for the entire week.

Shopping for clothes has never been something I enjoy and i’ve had to buy pretty much everything on the list as I simply don’t own much of anything. I normally have a total of about 4 pairs of trousers to my name etc..

Luckily i’ve found a few great online places for my clothes shopping: simply be and sportsdirect – I also got my trainers and walking boots from sportsdirect in store so I could try them on.


As well as preparing kit – I’m preparing myself – by slowly changing my diet into one that fits in better with their camp regime – which has been pretty easy as a lot of the foods are the same as on my hemp diet anyway. I have included the reasons for making these changes in purple.

  • I’ve lowered caffeine and only have 1 cup of tea and no coffee at all each day. I opt for green tea or mint tea which help aid digestion and cleanse the system
  • Removed white grains and white bread from my diet. Brown rice and wholemeal bread. This helps to eliminate bloating and fatigue and cravings for more foods.
  • Reduce milk and cheese. To help keep the digestive system clear.
  • Reduce red meat – substitute with chicken/turkey, oily fish, seafood, nuts, seeds and pulses. Helping to reduce fat levels and raise omega 3.
  • Reduce wheat – try to substitute with oats and fibre – already including hemp proteinthis helps to prevent bloating and fatigue.
  • Reduce sugar – helps reduce cravings for more foods

Another way that I am preparing myself is by slowly and steadily building up the amount of exercise I do each week.

I have about 6 weeks to go until the boot camp and will be increasing my exercise each week by 2 hours.

So this week i’ll be doing 6 hours exercise throughout the week, next week will be 8, then 10 and so on.

My exercise will be split into minimum 1 hour chunks to help prepare me for the boot camp.

I’ll be walking/hiking once a week with my husband, walking in and around town 1-2 times a week, then using my home gym for fitness dvd workouts, treadmill, exercise bike and free weights to help with strength training.


I will be keeping a diary when I go away and will be blogging all about the New You Boot Camp when I get back – I’ll also be blogging more in the run up.




7 thoughts on “Toughest Challenge of my Life!

  1. Good luck my sister has been to boot camps before and enjoy them lost lots of weight and felt fantastic when she came home

      • try not to be nervous, you will do what you can do and you will probably totally surprise yourself – it will be so motivational and that makes 100% difference than doing it on your own. i bet you will come home feeling really proud, cant wait to read about it x

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