Extreme Couponing – UK Style! Tesco’s error means £120.99 worth of shopping for just £2.07!

In a recent blog post I told you about how to split up your shopping into seperate transactions with tesco making use of coupons and their new instore price promise scheme to get your shopping for free.

We whilst researching that post I called customer services at tesco for clarification on this ‘If you are given a price promise voucher instore – can it be used immediately’ I was told yes and emailed a confirmation of this.

So today I planned my shopping trip to be 3 transactions – to make use of their price promise scheme to the maximum effect and use my coupons to get a free shop.

Transaction 1 was £47.97 and after coupons and using the £3.99 giftcard I received in todays post I had just £1.41 to pay and also received a price promise for over £9

Transaction 2 was £36.45 and after coupons I was left with just 45p to pay and gained another price promise voucher for £8+

Trasaction 3 was £36.57 and I planned to use my price promise vouchers from the previous 2 transactions as well as my remaining coupons – this is where I struck a problem

They wouldn’t accept the price promise vouchers as apparently they can’t be spent til the following day after they are issued. This led to a bit of an argument – a long queue behind me, customer service staff and finally a manager who I showed my email to from customer service advising me I could use them straight away – he called customer services to confirm this and gave me a code to call customer services again when I got home and he allowed me to use the price promise vouchers which meant I paid just 21p for my final transaction

On getting home I called customer services with the code i’d been given and was offered a choice of either a £5 giftcard or 500 points on my card by way of an apology for the confusion and embarrassment caused. I’ve opted for the points as they can be quadrupled in value so I’ll be able to turn £5 into £20 worth of cinema or meal vouchers.

So totay my total shopping came to £120.99 and I paid just £2.07

But I’ve also got a £3.80 price promise voucher for my next trip

500 points put on my card

and 3 x £5 off a £40 shop vouchers to use over the next month

Thats what I call an awesome shop!



IMG_0002IMG_0001IMGAs you can see the final amount paid are £1.41, 21p and 45p

I can’t tell you the exact coupons used as this was months ago now. But I had written to a ton on companies and been sent coupons directly from the manufacturers in return for product feedback, complaints and praise.

You would not be able to repeat this shop yourself as tesco were in error with their advice about the price promise vouchers – they can actually only be used from the day after they are issued – not the same day.

So even with all the same coupons you wouldn’t be able to use the price promise vouchers from the frist 2 shops on the third shop.


14 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing – UK Style! Tesco’s error means £120.99 worth of shopping for just £2.07!

  1. Wow that’s brilliant, after reading about your coupon exploits I decided to test the Tesco price promise site on Sunday after we had done a small shop, I got an email back the next day saying there had to be at least 10 different items on the receipt and I thought well someone can’t count double checked that it wasn’t me, on double checking my receipt I found its them, there are 13 items on my receipt there are two of one item so that makes 12 and there are two different sorts of bread rolls so even if they counted them as one that still leaves 11 different items, do you think I should email back pointing this out and see what they say ?

    • It should be 10 different products (different flavours, varieties of the same product do count as seperate) for example in one of my transactions I had pouches of dreamies cat treats in different flavours which were £1.34 a pouch and 3 goodfellas deep pan loaded pizzas which were different flavours then a 9pack of andrex shea butter, mccains chips and sme salad leaves and that was fine for my 10 items and give me a voucher.
      I’d give customer services a call and query it

  2. Hi Sandy! Congratulation on your shopping today! Fantastic stuff!!!! Keep up the good work! I myself am planning a Tesco shopping for tomorrow. But I have no idea what to do, I am a bit stuck….
    I will let you know how I go!
    Have a nice evening!

  3. I did an online shop yesterday and have seen this, printed in the number and it tells me I will get a coucher for £6.87, just not sure how I get the voucher.

    Also see part of its t&c’s states We have a Fair Use Policy to make sure everyone gets the benefit of Tesco Price Promise. This states that a household can use up to £100 in Tesco Price Promise vouchers in any calendar month. There’s more information in our Terms and Conditions.

  4. What “coupons” a proper break down, did you have, that gave you £78.69 of FREE shopping? (thats just the first two transactions)

    • This was posted in March and I can’t remember exactly what coupons I used. I know it was just after writing to a ton of companies, I also made use of £5 off £40 spend vouchers given to me the week before from my tesco shops and have several price promise vouchers

      I have receipts I can post up if you’d like proof but they just say ‘coupon’ so I don’t know exactly what ones I used

      • I was wondering that they were mainly the money coupons you get from your points, in a clubcard statement? Its a very clever way to shop. cant say i remember the price promise back in march… Tesco is the only place i can get to. “i’m stuck out in the middle of nowhere with no transport”

      • I’ve added my receipts.
        My coupons are normally from writing to manufacturers by email or via their contact forms, from tescos own magazine and found online
        I also use the coupons i’m sent directly from tesco in the mailing as well as price promise vouchers and £5 off £40 shop vouchers when I get given them by tescos

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