Extreme Couponing – UK Style! Update on the 55 companies I wrote to

If you remember a couple weekends ago I wrote to 55 companies and then 5 more last week.

In total it took me about 2-3 hours to contact them all.

I think i’ve pretty much received what i’m going to now from them – apart from linda mccartney who are sending me a postal order, dove who are meant to be sending coupons and pure who are meant to be sending coupons – I’ll chase those coupons up if still nothing by the end of the week

This is what I’ve had so far:

allinson bread £1
dorset cereals £4
jordans cereals £2
mccoys £2
chokablok £3.99
goodfellas £6
bold – p and g £7
dairylea £4
pure dairy free
I can’t believe it’s not butter £1
koko dairy free 62 x 30p off coupons and 2 cartons of milk
st helens farm £1
florette £2
ye olde oak £3
linda mccartney

I think thats a really great success rate – 16 companies got back in touch to send me samples, coupons or goodies and I’ve been sent over £40 worth of coupons as well as some nice samples.

That works out at much more than my hourly pay rate so for the 2-3 hours I spent contacting the companies i’m delighted.

I’ve got lots of lovely coupons still to use and am looking forward to sitting down on amonthly basis and writing to more companies.

Have you given writing to companies a go yet? Have you had any joy?

Feel free to leave a comment.

10 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing – UK Style! Update on the 55 companies I wrote to

  1. Amazing! So, when you contact companies. Do you compliment them AND ask for samples/vouchers, or is a simple ” I love your product” type email usually enough? There are a few brands I love and always stick by and would be made up if I could get a couple of vouchers for future purchases.

    Keep up these posts. They are inspiring.

  2. I emailed walkers crisps because my daughter had found a couple of really badly burnt ones in her packet. They sent £6 in vouchers out (2 x £3) this came in useful!!

    And i agree with above – these posts are inspiring!

  3. Do you actually come straight out and ask for coupons? When I complain I usually get coupons but when I compliment then they just say thanks

  4. I’ve contacted many and only received from Jordan’s, Koko and Chokablok.

    I’ve bedn complimenting AND asking but only receive thanks lol. Dunno how you do it!

    Just to let you know I’ve still not received the cushion I won and only received 1 of the 2 cases of Feelgood cocktails. Is there any way to contact these companies?

    T IA xx

      • Very inspired by your post. So it is possible!! Where do you find these coupons? Online or newspapers – whats the best way?

      • Hi Amy

        Various ways

        find coupons in the instore tescos magazine or it’s online version, on supersavvyme website, beforeishop website and various freebie sites, then get even more by writing to companies – I just picked a list of products I used recently and googled the companies to find their online contact form or email address and wrote saying what I thought of their product and asked at the end if they had any coupons.

  5. Hiya,

    Is it possible you could do an example of what you put in an email as i’m emailing companies saying how great their products are and asking nicely if they have any coupons but i’m getting no where :(

    Any help would be great!


    • No sorry – I did this before and people just copy and pasted it. Just write about on of their specific products and include a comparison to one of their competitors products. Be quite in depth about it – not just I like product x. At the bottom before you finish writing include how much you would like some coupons if they have any available so you can try out their other products

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