VEG PLOT – raised bed CATastrophy

My lovely freshly built, freshly filled and recently sown raised veg bed has been pretty much destroyed by my ginger tomcat BOO

I had several lovely rows of seeds and even some seedlings starting to come up in neat little rows and now my cats been and used it as a giant cat litter tray and playground.

Holes everywhere, poop everywhere and just a total mess.

I’m not amused at all !

001Luckily I get paid in a few days so I can enpty the raised bed and start again and i’ll probably buy a cloche or make a cover of some sort from chicken wire to try and keep my cat off my veg.

He’s also managed to knock my freshly sown chilli plant off the bedroom window sill and a whole planter full of spring onion seedlings over the terrace in the garden into the next one down.


Have any of you had pet related disasters with your grow your own attempts – any ideas?

Unfortunately getting rid of said moggy isn’t going to happen – he’s just too damn cute and when I try to scold him for bad behaviour he just purrs.

4 thoughts on “VEG PLOT – raised bed CATastrophy

  1. I know I should not laugh at your Catastrophy after all your hard work but it did tickle me when I read what had happened, so typical of a cat just to purr when telling him off, I know the feeling well, mine tends to give me a look that says it wasn’t me I haven’t done anything when she has been naughty and they are so lovely you can’t stay cross for long. We sowed some flower seeds last year in a spare bed just to fill it and give us a bit of colour they were all going to be different pink flowers and should have looked lovely, they started growing really well until Molly decided she was going to use them as a bed and flattened them all, some recovered enough to flower some didn’t but she persisted in laying and rolling all over them so even the ones that did flower eventually got flattened, we have only filled half off the bed this year and not the bit se likes to lay on so hopefully she will stick to her own bit. Good luck sorting yours out and hope you manage to do something to keep Boo off and get a nice crop of home grown produce. :)

  2. I purchased one of those big daisy type plants you can get last year – it was big 2 litre pot size he used that as a bed and flattened it in two days.

    I will be putting in something flowery but i’m going to have to look at some of the pet repel sprays and someone said the scent of orange puts them off so i’ll give that a go.

    I might try growing him some catnip in another part of the garden and then maybe he’ll leave me veg alone :-)

    I get paid in a few days so i’ll see what my non-diy skills can do with some chicken wire, tacks and old bits of wood

    Am a bit gutted as will have to redo that whole bed now

    • Definitely think the catnip may be worth trying in fact I think I will have to give that a go too. I would have been gutted at having to redo the whole bed, more so as you had some seedlings already through.

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