Extreme Couponing – UK Style! Tesco Shopping Trip

IMG_0001A nice coupon shopping trip on Wednesday

£65.16 worth of groceries for just £18.59

That’s a nice saving of 71%

Plus I got a £4.44 price promise voucher and a £5 off £40 spend voucher for my next shopping trip!

I’ve also submitted my receipt to Quidco for the fish fusions and i’ll be getting cashback of 45p a pack which is great as they cost me nothing as I had coupons for the full amount!

If you’d like to sign up to Quidco or Topcashback for the grocery cashback they offer – please consider using my referral links which can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/sandy.bunny/posts/10151660492300412


In this shopping trip I used:

A previous price promise voucher for £7.61

Pizza vouchers from the pizza ristaurante code I won and from the box I purchased last week

Tescos own coupons found instore for money off on salad and fruit (can be found in the fruit and veg aisle)

Coupons from writing to the companies directly: birdseye, kellogs, andrex, dove, mccvite

Then I used coupons from tescos previous magazine for maggi

Downloaded coupons for free bottles of sprite and money off Malibu and milkshakes


If you are new to couponing or looking for tips/advice – please view my other ‘extreme couponing’ posts which can be found via the menu at the side of my page – thankyou!


3 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing – UK Style! Tesco Shopping Trip

  1. I wrote to nestle and got a 1 pound off voucher for their cereal so I only paid 24p for a box of cookie crisp

    • I’ve had a £1 coupon from hovis in the post this weekend and i’ll be writing to more companies over the next few evenings for coupons.
      Complaints/grumbles or really specific praise where you compare their product to a competitors seem to work best!

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