Extreme Couponing – UK Style! Video and links for coupons

I’ve done another video blog post here:


Here are the links to some of the coupons I’ve used recently

If you’d like to sign up to topcashback or quidco please consider using my personal referral links which can be found on the side menu in the links section – thankyou

Overage of 29p for each 1 – Emmi Latte Drink   OR emmi (9) (Big tip: don’t buy too many at once – buy a few at a time, if needed make separate mini trips)

£1 off PG Tips 240’s Sign up, carry out activities and claim your reward – coupon is sent in the post and you can repeat and claim more https://www.recyclebank.com/how-to-earn/details/pledge-to-recycle-your-tea-bags-7547

50p off any Colgate Total product – you can print off more than 1 coupon so for an offer where they are 2 for £3 you can use 1 for each item being purchased http://colgatetotal.co.uk/ColgateTotal/UK/v4/campaigns/campaign1/files/Coupon.pdf

35p off ricola herbal drops http://webguerillas.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Ricola_Facebook_coupon.pdf again you can print more than 1 and use 1 per item being purchased

£1 off clover (posted this before so if you have already printed you won’t be able to print again http://www.facebook.com/CloverUK/app_335604323209737

£1 off little dish – play 3 games of snap and then you can claim a voucher https://www.facebook.com/littledish/app_555739124466279

£1 off Pork Famrs Pork Pie http://www.facebook.com/porkfarmsporkpies/app_1387410398139606

3 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing – UK Style! Video and links for coupons

  1. I wanted to say thank you for your blog. Since I started couponing, I’ve saved an absolute fortune, and your blog is the main reason for that. Thank you :-)

  2. Tesco in Northampton are no longer accepting the emmi latte coupons. To the extent that whilst the cashier was scanning my coupons, 2 members of staff came over and accused me of photocopying the coupons. When I tried to explain, I was accused of handing over fake coupons and was told to wait for the manager. Jen the manager came over, she accused me of the same and then kicked me out of the store!!!!!!! Yep that’s right, my shopping from the parked transaction was taken away from me and I was asked to leave! By a manager!!!!!

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