Dieting – Hopefully the start of my last diet

I do get fed up of tooing and froing between different diets.

Some have worked well – others haven’t

One thing was the same during each apart from 1 – my intense lack of ability to stick with it for longers than a couple months.

The only exception was when I was 18/19 and lost 6 stone using Slimming World over a 2 year period. I think the reason I was able to stick with it was that for the majority of foods in their diet I could simply eat unlimited amounts, so there wasn;t much weighing, measuring or calorie counting involved.

If I think of the diets I’ve done since then they’ve been quite involved and meant a lot of additional time weighing, measuring and counting.


So the diet I’ve chosen to follow is The Dukan Diet


For the next 10 days I’ll be eating only these foods, in whatever quantities I like:

Lean Meat (excludes pork and lamb)



Poultry (except duck) Skin removed

Lean cured meats


Light, fat free, fat reduced dairy products


Some condiments and spices


My starting weight is 20 st 10lb’s and I’ll blog again tomorrow evening at the end of my first day with what I’ve eaten/photos and thoughts.



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