VEG PLOT – First proper harvest!

Am delighted – after being pretty much decimated by caterpillars – my sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflowers are recovering well.

The cabbages and cauliflowers are even starting to heart up nicely – with balls in the middle about half the size of my fist

We have had a few bits already – some strawberries, radish and the odd pea – but this is our first reasonable harvest

003 004 005

Ok so we’ve got:

A good handful of dwarf French beans

Some turnips

Spring Onions – had to remove the stalks and they were just yellowing so hope they will be ok to eat

Some stalks of ruby chard – has to remove the leaves as caterpillars had munched holes in them everywhere

2 French breakfast radishes

Lots of Mooli Radishes

2 different heads of lettuce

About 2 meals worth of sugar snap and normal peas

My first courgette – a bit dumpy but had stopped growing any longer so thought i’d better pick it before it turned into a marrow


I’ve got tiny dinky cucumber fruitsĀ starting

Quite a few little green tomatoes

More dwarf French beans

Carrots coming along nicely

More peas forming

A couple little bell pepper fruits starting to take shape

Lots more courgettes growing

A Marrow starting to grow

And my chilli plants are flowering

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