Extreme Couponing – UK Style! Video showing todays coupons received in the post

At the weekend I emailed a total of 55 companies and gave feedback, comliments, complained and asked for coupons/samples to give new products a go.

Today I received my first batch of coupons in the post.

For even more coupons check the links in the side of my blog!

You can see my youtube video here – http://youtu.be/rVonp2Lzn0o

This is a list of all the companies I contacted at the weekend with the links to their contact pages or email addresses – in case any of you fancy doing the same as me!

I wrote various things – some were compliments, some complaints, some saying how i’d like to try a new product of theirs, some just openly asking for coupons/samples

dove https://secure.dove.co.uk/en/About-Dove/Contact-Us/contactusform.aspx 
nivea enquiries@nivea.co.uk 
dorset cereals http://www.dorsetcereals.co.uk/get-in-touch/ 
jordans cereals http://www.jordanscereals.co.uk/contact-us/ 
golden wonder http://www.goldenwonder.com/contact-us.html 
mccoys http://www.unitedbiscuits.com/contact.php 
happy eggs http://thehappyegg.co.uk/get-in-touch/email-us/ 
birds eye carelinecontact@birdseye.co.uk
aunt bessies http://www.auntbessies.co.uk/contact-us/ 
ben and jerrys http://www.benjerry.co.uk/contact-us;jsessionid=81E04FE85097297B74E707C672F36B79.bnj2_worker 
chokablok info@choka-blok.com 
goodfellas http://www.goodfellaspizzas.com/uk/contact-us/ 
bold – p and g http://ukconsumers.custhelp.com/app/ask/p/72/session/L3NpZC9yT1VhOFFrbA%3D%3D 
lactofree http://www.lactofree.co.uk/contact-us/ 
leerdammer http://www.groupe-bel.com/en/footer/customer-service 
lake district cheese CustomerCare@firstmilk.co.uk
dairylea https://contactus.mdlzapps.com/form?siteId=a073zh9TXCvLGPa1RaVAKtMsnQOeDH82 
mu cheese http://www.mucheese.com/home/#page-get-in-touch.form 
clover http://www.cloverfamily.co.uk/contact/ 
pure dairy free info@puredairyfree.co.uk 
I can’t believe it’s not butter http://www.icantbelieveitsnotbutter.co.uk/contact-us.php 
nutella nutellacareline@cohnwolfe.com 
crosse and blackwell http://www.crosseandblackwell.com/contact 
linda mccartney customercare@lindamccartneyfoods.co.uk
allinson bread talktous@allinsonbread.com 
braces bakery info@bracesbakery.co.uk 
hovis http://www.hovisbakery.co.uk/drop-us-a-line 
new york bakery co enquiriesuk@mapleleaf.com
fruit bowl info@stream-foods.com
jucee http://www.jucee.co.uk/contact 
ribena https://www.ribena.co.uk/contact/ 
the great british sausage co http://www.britishsausages.co.uk/contact.php
berties bangers http://www.bertiesbangers.co.uk/contact-us 
chef and farmer gluten free sausages http://www.chefandfarmer.co.uk/contact/ 
richmond sausages http://www.richmondsausages.co.uk/contact.php 
riverway foods http://riverwayfoods.wix.com/website#!contact-us 
mattessons http://www.mattessons.co.uk/?page_id=55 
gressingham foods http://www.gressinghamduck.co.uk/contact.aspx 
bernard matthews http://www.bernardmatthewsfarms.com/enquiry-form.aspx?type=feedback 
the saucy fish co chef@thesaucyfishco.com
florette http://www.florette.org.uk/contactus 
cook italian http://www.cookitalian.co.uk/index.php/contact.html 
filippo berio http://www.filippoberio.co.uk/contact-us/ 
napolina http://www.napolina.com/text_only/about_napolina.aspx 
silver spoon http://www.silverspoon.co.uk/home/contact-us/email 
baxters http://www.baxters.com/company/contact-us 
dr oetker http://www.oetker.co.uk/oetker_uk/contact_us/contact_form.html 
jus rol http://consumercontacts.generalmills.com/ConsolidatedContact.aspx?page=http://www.jusrol.co.uk&js=True 
carte noire http://www.kraftfoodscompany.com/eu/en/Contacts/general-contacts-form.aspx?ft=other&subj= 
douwe egberts http://www.douwe-egberts.co.uk/Pages/Contactform.aspx 
nescafe https://econsumeraffairs.com/nestleuk/contactus.htm?F1=nestleuk 
john west http://www.john-west.co.uk/contact-us/ 
spam http://www.spam.com/contact 
ye olde oak enquiries@yoo.co.uk 

Extreme Couponing – UK Style! I’ll teach you how to get your shopping for free at Tesco’s

UPDATE: Tesco’s made an error by telling me I could use price promise vouchers straight away instore, you can’t as they aren’t valid until the day after they are issued.

You can still use the tips on comparing baskets at mysupermarket to gain price promise vouchers – but please note where I mention using price promise vouchers just gained – you would now not be able to do this until the following day

By combining coupons, in store offer and tesco’s updated price promise voucher scheme you can get your shopping for free at Tescos.


The updated price promise scheme is that if you get to checkout and your shopping would have been cheaper at one of their competitors you’ll get a voucher for the difference which you can use towards your next shop.

You must have 10 different items at least in your shop and the maximum voucher they will give is for £10. You are also only allowed £100 worth of price promise vouchers in a month.

For more details see here: https://www.tescopricepromise.com/


By using mysupermarket to create shopping lists before you go shopping where using their site you can check to see if the items would be cheaper in a different supermarket.

So for example: I have the following coupons to use £3 kellogs, £2 quorn, £5 mars, £5 catfood, £5 andrex

By using mysupermarket and choosing only products which would be cheaper elsewhere I will not only pay pennies for my first transaction but i’ll get a price promise voucher for my next shop

IMGYou can see with my example here that I have 10 items on the list that are all different so I meet the price promise rules.

I’ve been picky and only chosen product which are cheaper at asda.

I’ve also noted in the margin how much after coupons i’ll be paying and my total out of pocket as well as the estimated price promise voucher i’ll receive.

So for this shop i’ll be buying £20.69 worth of groceries and after coupons i’ll pay just 69p. Not only that but providing tescos price promise calculates the same as mine I’ll get a voucher for £4.97 to use on my shopping which is valid for a month.

By repeating this and making each little list a seperate transactions/checkout I can make the most of my vouchers and gain price promise vouchers to use towards other shopping that I don’t have vouchers for.


Shop 1 as per my example in the photo: £20.69 worth of groceries and i’ll pay just 69p and get a price promise voucher for £4.97

then i’ll checkout my next transaction

shop 2 £26.93 worth of groceries and i’ll pay just 93p and get a price promise voucher for £6.54

(so far i’ve spent less than £2 and have 2 price promise vouchers)

shop 3 £31.73 worth of groceries and i’ll have £11.73 to pay after coupons – but thats fine as I have my 2 previous price promise vouchers to use so i’ll use them and only actually pay 22p. Plus i’ll also get a price promise voucher for £10

shop 4 £24.62 worth of groceries and i’ll have £11.62 to pay after coupons – so I’ll use the price promise voucher and end up paying just £1.62 and well as that i’ll get a price promise voucher for £3.75 which in this instance i’ll keep for my next supermarket visit.

So in total i’ve got £103.37 worth of shopping and have paid just £3.46 – I also still have a £3.75 price promise voucher towards my next trip.

I’ve also received a total of £25.26 in price promise vouchers so i’d still have £74.74 of price promise vouchers that i’m allowed to gain before hitting my £100 a month limit.

Extreme Couponing – UK Style! Finding coupons and organising yourself


I’m often asked where I find coupons

A lot of the higher value coupons I use £2+ are from contacting the manufacturers directly.

I normally think ahead about the items i’m going to need in the upcoming weeks or items i’ve brought and have been unhappy or perhaps very happy with – then i’ll google the company find the contact us section and get in touch.

Sometimes I write complaints, but mostly it’s product feedback, changes i’d like to see, requests for recipes, to say i’d like to try their product and do they have coupons etc..

I also regularly check these places for coupons, samples and freebies:


moneysavingexpert forum


http://www.facebook.com/ExtremeCouponingUk – lots of useful notes

http://realfood.tesco.com/ bimonthly magazine – available instore and online – you can print off and use the vouchers. Worth saving the links to your favourites bar as often the coupons from the previous issue are still valid for a while after the next issue takes over.




I also use the grocery cashback features on these sites



If you are going to sign up to either of these cashback sites please consider using my referral links here which will earn me a few pennies!

I regularly check the products I have coupons for here to see if there are any really great offers that would make the items free or worth buying to get a great deal


I use the mysupermarket site to put together a shopping list which I print out and take with me when I go shopping.

After i’ve been shopping I log my tesco receipt details here – which means an occasional print off voucher for money off my next shop



I have a reasonable size binder I take with me when I go shopping

I got mine from amazon and it cost about £5

It has divided sections in it that work well for me to seperate my coupons by supermarket section: frozen, health and beauty, cleaning, loo rolls, cat food, canned goods/produce, bakery, chilled and dairy

I also have a section i keep all my points and reward cards in and another for receipts, letters from companies that had coupons attached and print outs of the stores coupon policies which I got by looking on their websites or emailing customer services to ask for it.


I also have bookmarks on my browser so when i’m online I can easily find and check the websites regularly for new coupons and I save any PDF’s I come across that have coupons as normally you can print and print again as many times as you like for these.


Extreme Couponing – UK Style! Last two days shopping trips

I’ve done two shopping trips in the last two days – mainly because my first planned trip was a bit of a disaster with a lot of empty shelves and not very many of the essentials I needed – we had to go out again today anyway so I asked hubby to stop by the supermarket for another visit.

I used pretty much all the rest of my manufacturers coupons from where i’d emailed and contacted the companies, so i’ve emailed some more companies today to see if I can get more coupons.

I’m also getting quite good at spotting and taking advantage of tesco’s double the difference policy – so spotting things with out of date special offer labels. (this means you pay and then go to customer services for the difference x 2 )

Tesco’s shop 1)   £58.35 worth of shopping – after coupons and savings I paid £3.25 (plus 25p cashback for buying dolmio pasta bake from topcashback)

Loo rolls, jars of sauces, chocolates for the 2 mums, cat food, cereal bars for hubbys packed lunches, burgers, beers, ice cream, yogurts, fruit

Tesco’s shop 2) £75.98 worth of shopping – after coupons and savings I paid £14.42

4 more of the flora pro activ milk cartons which after coupons and instore offer work out at 50p each, loo rolls, special k, more beers (hubbys off work this weekend) uncle bens rice, bags of chocolates for easter egg hunting with the family, quorn products, cheese and more chocolates as hubby ate 1 of the boxes from yesterday (sigh)

BUT I’d been charged twice for a box of chocolates for my mum for mothers day and i’d been overcharged for special k so I got back £5 for the chocolates plus £5 extra and then I got double the difference on the special k which was about £4 for the 6 boxes i’d brought so I actually ended up paying 42p :-)

Thats £134.33 worth of shopping for just £3.42 !!

I’m building up my stockpile for loo rolls and cat food as I only have a couple coupons left from my complaints and they expire at the end of march.

We shouldn’t need any more shopping for a couple of weeks now apart from maybe a loaf of bread and some fruit so I won’t do another coupon shop for a while.

Updated Stockpile Photos

Regular readers and fb fans will be aware that I purchased over £400 worth of groceries last month – a lot of them have come into my stockpile.

005My loo roll mountain has been moved to a spare cupboard which suffers from a little damp – I’m hoping they’ll be alright in there as all the packaging is intact and hubby has told me I can go ahead and fill the cupboard right up if I like.  All the loo rolls were totally free I even made a little money on some where there were cashback offers via topcashback and quidco and I had coupons as well.

I also got some that were meant to be 2 for £7.50 and scanned at £5 each and not on offer – so I got back £5 for the two packs that I brought – meaning 2 packs of 9 loo rolls for £2.50 a pack


Most of this box is from my lovely double the difference find the other day where they still had the previous weeks advertising up for the uncle bens and dolmio snackpots. The snackpots ended up costing 25p each because of the overcharge and money back I had from customer services – plus I had coupons anyway that i’d paid with so I actually ended up making money on this crate of goodies.

Hubby uses a lot of these for his packed lunches and they have a great shelf life.

001Top shelf is now pretty much all catfood – all totally free for the catfood – partly coupons and partly from coupon overage. For example I had £5 coupons for andrex which were for 1 9pack each and they were on offer for £7.50 for a while so i’d get £2.50 overage towards my other shopping for every two I brought :-)

No more catfood coupons so this will start being used up now but should hopefully last 3-4 months

003A couple packs of the loo rolls had open packaging from where the cat climbed up them the other day to knock down some cat treats that he obviously felt he deserved. So i’ve put the claw marked loo rolls here as I thought they might get damp in the cupboard with the rest.

The canvas drawers have my toothpaste, shower items, bath items , skincare and household cleaning items in – mostly free samples, free with coupons and free from where i’d gained a lot of boots points.

3 big packs of tetley teabags – they were on offer for £3 each and I had £9 worth of coupons sent to me for a small complaint I sent in – I was about 20 or so teabags short in my last pack so I wrote in expecting a small coupon for 50p or so and instead got £9!

Loads of cereal – all free and made a bit of money from being overcharged on the special k – got back about 60p a box as a double the difference

Feel free to comment about my stockpile – I still aim to only have items in my stockpile we use on a daily basis – and due to limited space it really won’t get much more than this – apart from the loo rolls if I can manage to get any more for free.

I’ve emailed a load more companies today to see if I can get some more coupons:

Lactofree – coupons in the post


lake district cheddar

dairylea – coupons in the post

mu cheese



pure – coupons in the post

I can’t believe it’s not butter

happy eggs


aunt bessies

crosse and blackwell

dorset cereals

jordans cereals

golden wonder

mccoys £2 worth of coupons

bold – already heard back – coupons in post


nivea – coupons in the post

ben and jerrys

chokablok – being sent a £3.99 tesco giftcard

linda mccartney

goodfellas – coupons in the post

I’ll be emailing more companies and adding them to this list tomorrow and i’ll keep it updated as I hear back and let you know what coupons I receive.

Extreme Couponing – UK Style! I’VE JUST BEEN PAID 23P FOR £87.25 WORTH OF SHOPPING!

Today I spotted and made use of one of Tesco’s policies.


Tesco’s have on a big board behind their customer service desks and on their website details of their policy on mispirced items.

Basically if you buy something and are overcharged for it – if you go to customer services you will get double the difference back


My double the difference was on uncle bens and dolmio snackpots


There was an offer on these last week where they were £1 each and Tesco’s still had the big end banner up for them even though the offer had changed to 2 for £3

I brought 15 which cost me £26.49 and paid cash for them along with the rest of my shopping.

I then went to customer services and got double the difference back – so in this case the offer stated on the banner was £1 each so they should have cost me £15, I paid £26.49 which is a difference of £11.49 which they then double.

So as I paid in cash I got given £22.98 !


I had some voucher for uncle bens anyway and vouchers for a lot of my other shopping – here’s my receipt


My shopping total before coupons was £87.25

I used £64.50 worth of coupons and paid a grand total of £22.75 which would have given me savings of 74%



Then I went to customer services and giot given a double the discount of £22.98 for the error on the snackpots




Extreme Couponing – UK Style! My shopping trip today – 72% saving!

A big Tesco’s coupon shop today :-)

I’ve had to upload my receipt as 2 photos so hope you can read it ok.


Firstly here are some of the special offers and coupons I made use of:



50P COUPON HERE valid til 31/12/2013 and 1 coupon per item – you can print more than 1

Currently on offer in Tesco’s is Flora Pro-Activ Skimmed Milk 1 litre 2 for £2

You can use 1 coupon for each product so thats 50p each :-)


PETITS FILOUS – any flavour six pack

Currently on offer in Tesco’s for £1

Topcashback offering £50p cashback so 50p

works out just a tiny bit more than the tesco basics I normally buy and much nicer



Not on offer – but I normally get this brand anyway and you currently get 70p cashback with Quidco



I had £3 worth of vouchers left from my recent complaint and they cost £3.30

Plus there is cashback of £1.50 from Topcashback

So i’ve actually made £1.20 !!!



There is a 50p off coupon here – only 1 coupon per transaction allowed

On offer they have products available for £1 – so 50p



I’m sure there are vouchers around for this – but I couldn’t find them in time

On offer in Tesco’s for £1.99 (normally £3.99)

Plus Quidco are offering £1.50 cashback

(they only had 1 left on the shelf – but you can take part in this offer up to 3 times)

So after cashback it just 49p



Coupon for 50p off here – 1 coupon allowed per item

On offer in Tesco’s for £1 – so cost 50p a pack



Coupon for £1 off here

Plus Quidco offering £1 cashback



Sent 2 x £1 coupons for getting in touch and giving praise

Currently half price £1.59

So cost me £1.18 for two kits



I’m sure there are coupons around for this – but I couldn’t find any in time for my shop

Currently on offer in Tesco’s for £1.13

Plus Topcashback offering 50p cashback









My total shop before any savings was £114.29

After savings, multibuys and coupons my total to pay was just £40.17

Plus I have cashback of £3.50 and £4.55 to claim

So my total after all that is taken into account is £32.12


Savings of 72%